“CrossFit San Jose offers a great Boot Camp program for all ages and abilities. For this 61-year old, the 6am workout on Mon/Wed/Fri is now the way to meet the day.”
Rich K.
“Once I found this place, I finally found my groove and I’m super happy with the results! They have all kinds of clientele from the very modest beginner to the super high level expert “CrossFitters.” If you’re just starting out, this is the place to go.”
Leah A.
“Whether it is setting a new PR on a lift or finishing a WOD, you are constantly motivated and supported. I think that is what makes this place stand out from any other.”
Mike W.
“My second home, I feel lost on days I don’t come. There is so much support and friendship here that it makes going to the gym FUN!”
Carla C.
“Going to CrossFit San Jose has helped me completely change my life.”
Khoa V.
“It’s not just a gym; it’s a place where you see results and feel like a family! A year ago, I could barely do a squat and never did an unassisted pull-up. Now I can squat and do a few pull-ups unassisted – for me this was huge!”
Nathan C.
“I live in NY and travel a lot on business. I visit boxes almost everywhere I go, and I have seen many different CrossFit gyms in action. CrossFit San Jose is easily one of the best I have seen. It’s clean, the staff and members couldn’t be nicer, and the trainers are great.”
Steve M.

Seeing is Believing

Everyone can get fit and lead a healthy lifestyle.


CrossFit San Jose