CrossFit is a unique training program that combines the most effective methods from a variety of sports. Focusing on strength, speed and skill, Crossfit aims at giving you a total fitness in a fun, challenging and supportive environment. Increases in strength, speed, agility, coordination and stamina are achieved through training methods that derive from many of the best sports conditioning programs together. And, while CrossFit is challenging, it is also rewarding and can be scaled to meet anyone’s needs.

CrossFit San Jose trainers come prepared with a variety of methods to get you strong, fast and keep you motivated. CrossFit San Jose is also a welcoming group of friends and family that will support you through your efforts. What other gym will find people yelling and screaming for you? Best of all, everyone is welcome.


A four week indoor and occasional outdoor program of fitness and strength training, conditioning and encouragement in a safe, supportive and motivated environment that provides all the necessary tools to get fit and healthy. San Jose Bodyfit bootcamp is for all levels… no one gets left behind.

Our programs are great for any fitness level, from beginner to advanced. Our trainers can walk you through modifications, as needed, to any of the exercises and above all, you are in charge of your workout when you walk into the room. After 3-4 classes of a session, you will begin to feel more comfortable with the movement and intensity levels of the class, and will be able to work both your cardio and strength endurance more each time you attend.

CFSJ Olympic Weightlifting

The CFSJ Weightlifting class brings together programming and instruction in a coached, group environment for those that want to develop strength outside of the CrossFit Class or work on the skills of Olympic weightlifting.  The program will focus on the classic competition lifts (the snatch, the clean and the jerk, as well as their variations and complexes). Pulls and squats will be utilized for strength development and assistance work to iron out any other strength or technical weaknesses and assistance exercises will introduce you to the world of odd object lifting.

Enrollment in the class will include specific programming on a daily basis as well as coaching in the daily skills. CFSJ Weightlifting is designed to produce athletes that want to take a more competitive weightlifting lifting route or who just have a strong desire to be more technically proficient in weightlifting. This is your chance to take it to the next level!

CrossFit San Jose Weightlifting will be a 2 day/week class that runs Monday/Wednesday and Tuesday/Thursday from 5-7pm with a Friday open platform for the individuals in the program to further practice or lift.

Women’s Barbell Club

Women’s Barbell Club is Saturday’s at 10am $10/session (Requires a CFSJ membership) -Practice all the lifts in a women’s only environment

Need work on your lifts? Just finished Elements recently and want to work more on your lifting techniques? Looking to improve your strength, technique and knowledge of Olympic and Power lifts? Scared to lift heavy? Just want to have a coach watch you lift and help you reach your potential? Are you a woman? Well then we have a class for you! We will break down a lift every saturday and practice practice practice! We want to help you get strong and confident with your lifts. All level of female lifters are welcome.


CrossFit San Jose FitKids is a conditioning program geared and designed exclusively for children and their development needs (neurological, cognitive, motor). It is a place for kids to become more skilled, coordinated and conditioned all in a fun a supportive group environment. Not only will SJ FitKids learn to be healthy and fit, but they will learn great social skills and team work.

Classes run for 60 minutes on Wednesday afternoons and Saturday mornings.

CFSJ Mobility

CrossFit San Jose mobility class is a hybrid sports therapy class and modified workout. The content of the class focuses on rehabilitating target joints to create healthy movement patterns. Completely appropriate for the athlete with the current injury, however the classes are not limited to wounded athletes. Everyone can benefit from the warm-up and rehab and strengthening exercises. The classes are taught by Dr. Nichelle Gurule and Lance Miller.