What is CrossFit?


Getting Started: Elements Class

Like everything else in life, with CrossFit the foundation is important. If you have done CrossFit before, please keep reading.

New to CrossFit and maybe even to working out? You have seen the CrossFit Games or the Biggest Loser and thought that this is the workout for you but then come the questions: What’s your snatch? Can you butterfly? Inov-8’s or Nanos? CrossFit, from technique to culture is a different beast, and that is where the CrossFit San Jose Elements program comes in.

With the only 12 session introductory class, CFSJ Elements works to help you accomplish four things: an assessment and understanding of your particular needs (mobility, functional goals, etc.), familiarity with the complex exercises of CrossFit, an introduction to a group of training partners (your Elements classmates), and a time to figure if CrossFit is indeed for you. All of this in a small group setting with a low trainer to student ratio. After the twelve classes you will be ready for any of classes that CFSJ has to offer.

For those that have previous CrossFit experience know that our classes are filled with students that know the movements, lead by experienced coaches with one thing in mind, YOUR success.

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