The End of an Era and Memorial Day Madness

Some of you guys might remember back to 2009 when the gym was housed in a little over 1000 sq ft just up Dell Ave. That was the year that 5 of us jumped on an opportunity to buy CrossFit San Jose from the founder (and OG CrossFitter Mike Malloy.) We thought at the time “why the hell would you ever sell a CrossFit?”

Marnel, Patti, Jason, Sheila and I (with a lot of help) quickly took on the tasks of cleaning, panting, programming, accounting and everything else that ends with an ‘ing’ to make the place run. No pay and long hours on top of already long “real” jobs finally started paying off through compliments and referrals. Shortly after we moved to 1610 Dell Ave, and not long after that came the expansion and the partnership with RockTape. Those years saw new classes and programs, new trainers, teams going to regionals, Ashley going to the games and Marnel winning the Masters, all the while the group of 5 were managing, cleaning, ordering, listening (to compliments and the occasional criticism) to make sure everyone had the best possible experience and always felt like family.

It is with a mix of excitement for them and sadness for us that we announce that once again the CrossFit San Jose will experience a line-up change. Patti and Marnel, after finding their dream house in Bend, OR, have decided to pack up and leave the Bay Area, and they have come to the conclusion that the commute would be a little much. We know that we will still see them drop by when they are in town, but we also know that they will be missed very much. Their impact on CrossFit San Jose cannot be put into words.

Memorial Day Update:

Remember we will be running only one workout at 9 AM this Monday morning. You can be assured that it will be a hero WOD. Please come out and join us for the workout and then stay for a spike ball tournament and family style breakfast. We will be providing eggs, OJ and mimosas, you simply need to bring your best bacon or Paleo breakfast item to share. The fun will run from 9AM to Noon (leaving plenty of time for other Memorial Day plans.)

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