Class Additions, Holidays and Things No one Cares About

So by now everyone knows about the Mobility/Wounded class that will begin this Wednesday at 5:30. The class is open to all and free. This week will focus on overcoming the issues of the shoulder (next week will be the ankle, knee and hip.) You do not need to be Wounded to attend, and the first two classes are free to members of other gyms.

Also, we are proud to announce that coach Devin Lopez will begin the CFSJ Weightlifting program on May 19th. The class will run in two blocks M/W and T/TH with a Friday open platform (with coaching). This will replace the current T/Th lifting class. The price of the program is $80/month and will include some additional benefits (monthly programming, skills clinics, guest coaches, etc.)

Lastly, with Memorial day coming up, CFSJ will be hosting only one class that day. The class will run from 9-10:30AM, and it will not be Murph (maybe.) Post in the comments if you would be up for having an event after (i.e. a paleo breakfast potluck with paleo mimosas.)

And…don’t forget that Regionals are coming up at the San Jose State Event Center.

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