Women’s Barbell Club – Saturdays at 10am starting Jan 11th

Need work on your lifts? Just finished Elements recently and want to work more on your lifting techniques? Looking to improve your strength, technique and knowledge of Olympic and Power lifts? Scared to lift heavy? Just want to have a coach watch you lift and help you reach your potential? Are you a woman? Well then we have a class for you! We will break down a lift every saturday and practice practice practice! We want to help you get strong and confident with your lifts. All level of female lifters welcome.

To get the most out of the class, it is recommended you come every week as each class builds on the previous one. Bring a notebook to track your progress. This class is open to all female CFSJ members and will cost an additional $10/class to each attendee as there will be at least 2 coaches present if not more to help you achieve your goals.

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