The Best $30 I ever spent…on CrossFit

About a week into Elements I had already identified a “hit list” of those CrossFit components I just simply could not do overnight.  Rope climbs, muscle ups, lots of pull-ups without a band and the frustrating “double under”.

I hated watching people rip off 20 or 40 double unders at a time while I had to do 4 singles to their one.  It felt like I was never going to be able to get the timing down and this frustration was affecting my confidence.  There were some progressions shown in class but one thing made a huge difference for me…the rope.

In the first month at CFSJ my speed and efficiency with single jumps had certainly improved.  The biggest issue was getting the cadence down for multiple double unders along with turning the rope fast enough to make for a quick and efficient movement.  I recently decided to purchase a “speed rope” and saw immediate results.  Whereas I could normally do repetitions of single, double, single, double but never multiple doubles in a row; the speed rope allowed me to quickly get to 2 or 3 double unders at a time.  My confidence quickly grew and I wanted to try more.  Within a week I was able to then string together as many as 25 double unders at a time.  I now look forward to WOD’s with double unders and make sure to spend 5 or so minutes at the start of each class to further refine and improve my technique.

Of course not everyone needs this piece of equipment to get the job done but it might be just the right tool for you.  Even if you don’t show the gains I was able to achieve, the consistency of always using the same rope will certainly provide some benefit.

See you at the box!

P.S.  If anyone knows of a $30 fix for muscle ups…