Dip Tip

During Tuesday’s WOD, I got a nice tip for dips from trainer Matt Moore.  This simple change made all the difference in the world for me and I wanted to share.

Normally, I would grab the “Bull Horns” towards the back half of the handles.  This felt natural as I wanted to make sure I had room to move up and down within the bars.  Matt noted to the group that doing so generally forces one’s elbows to protrude out as you dip down.   This results in a much more strenuous/difficult movement.

Moving your hands up close to the front of the bar allows your elbows to move back in a more natural fashion.  The results were quick and very cool.  Whereas I would normally use a small band when doing 20 or more dips, I was able to complete all 50+ dips in this WOD without any band.   I was also able to get all the way down into the dip as is required.


I wanted to pass this tip along and hope it can help others as well.  See you at the box!